Erica Turquoise Jade Copper Chain Hammered Copper Pendant Statement Necklace

  • Turquoise stones approximately: 18mm x 13mm
  • Jade stone: 13mm x 7mm
  • Turquoise pendant stone: 28mm x 20mm
  • Copper/Turquoise pendant: 65mm x 50mm
  • Total necklace length excluding pendant: 22 1/4'
I used all real Turquoise stones with copper chain for this pendant necklace. It closes with a copper toggle clasp. The copper Turquoise pendant started as a thick piece of copper wire and a Turquoise stone. I hammered and formed the piece many times to create the pendant. Between those steps I annealed it, which is heating copper to make it more malleable. Then I added the Turquoise stone. This is a one of a kind Turquoise statement necklace.
Are you not sure how to tell the difference between real and fake Turquoise? Check out my Blog to find out how. You'll want to check out these 
Turquoise Jade Earrings. I made them to go with this Turquoise necklace.
You impact someone's life when you buy jewelry from Creative Jewelry by Marcia. I donate 5% of every sale to a local organization, New Horizons. They help survivors of domestic violence to put their lives back together.

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