Happy Customers

  •  I am a repeat customer of Creative Jewelry by Marcia.  Let me tell you why; it is a combination of wonderful quality and great style.  I find myself reaching for her pieces in my jewelry box over all the other pieces of jewelry I own.  Another reason to I love Marcia’s jewelry, I always get such lovely compliments when I wear her jewelry.  Marcia’s jewelry has become my go to gift for my dearest friends. It makes them feel so special to receive a piece of her jewelry. 

    Joni Martin - Mineral Point, WI

  • I love shopping from Marcia!  I always find a special piece that I would not find somewhere else and if I want a pair of earrings, bracelet, or necklace to compliment what I bought she can make it and send it to me!  Also, it is great to pick up the phone or go on her website and order gifts for Birthdays, Christmas, or special teacher gifts.  Marcia’s pieces are made from quality materials and she can custom make pieces which is great!

    Connie Cottrill - Pittsburgh, PA

  • Marcia is my favorite jeweler! I have several of her pieces. Each is uniquely designed. It’s common to hear, “I love those earrings” or “Great necklace” when wearing her works of art!

    Mo May Grimm - Mineral Point, WI

  • I have purchased five jewelry pieces from Creative Jewelry by Marcia and enjoy wearing each one.  What I most appreciate is the variety, versatility, and durability of her creations. Because she mixes metals, many of her pieces can be worn with either silver or gold rings and watches, other jewelry, and different colored clothing pieces.  The clasps on her jewelry are very durable and easy to operate. She is willing to explain her process and work with her customers also. I can heartily recommend Creative Jewelry by Marcia!

    Lois Gilbert - La Crosse, WI

  • Marcia’s jewelry is creative and fun.  Her combination of color and design makes every piece unique.  Whenever I see her at an art fair, I usually end up with a few new pieces for myself or gifts for family and friends.  Don’t miss your chance to see Marcia’s work!  It’s definitely one of a kind!

    Aimee Wichelt - La Crosse, WI

  • I love the jewelry by this artist! The uniqueness and quality stand out in each piece. I have been a customer for years and always find something I must have! The creative designs make wonderful one of a kind gifts!

    Jackie Helgeson – Stoddard, WI

  • I have purchased many of Marcia’s pieces and enjoy them all.  Some have been for gifts (which have been well received) and others for myself.  Whenever I go to an Art Fair that Marcia is at, I am sure to come home with an addition to my “Marcia Collection.”  The jewelry is unique, attractive, well made and comfortable to wear. Besides her jewelry,  Marcia is a wonderful person and stands behind her collection.  She is willing to make any necessary adjustments, or repairs to items I have unnecessarily harmed.  I strongly recommend trying her jewelry; you won’t be disappointed.  

    Kay Stewart - Onalaska, WI

  • I love Marcia’s jewelry and the care and craftsmanship she puts into each piece. I bought earrings I loved and she worked with me to create a matching necklace. Delivery was quick and arrived sooner than promised!!

    Gratia Maley - Wexford, PA

  • I'm always on the lookout for distinctive jewelry.  When I viewed the pieces Marcia has created, I was very impressed!  The jewelry I chose from her collection is amazing.  I am often asked "Where did you find that?" The pieces are well-crafted and lovely. 

    Kathy Shikonya - La Crosse, WI

  • The Healing Heart Pendant Necklaces are such a unique part of Marcia’s creations—not only are they meaningful to the wearer, but the impact made when someone purchases one creates positive ripples through a donation to New Horizons Shelter & Outreach Centers. Marcia’s heart is in the right place—it’s not only felt through the love and creativity she infuses into the jewelry she makes—but her genuine compassion shines through by donating a portion of all of her sales to New Horizons. Both Marcia and her handcrafted jewelry are beautiful—inside and out!

    Patty Nuttleman -- New Horizons

  • I have several pieces of Marcia’s jewelry and love them all! Her work is second to none and ever piece is so unique. I always get compliments on my jewelry when I wear it! If you order online it comes quickly with a personalized note😀. Thanks Marcia for all the beautiful jewelry you create!

    Sandy Peterson - La Crescent, MN

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