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Do you have special pieces from a loved one in your jewelry box that brings back special memories every time you see them? 
After my Mother-in-law passed away, I asked for the jewelry the sisters didn't want. For two years her rings sat on my dresser in a little crystal bowl next to a tiny box with cuff links that belonged to my Father-in-law. As I walked by them, I would often think of the cuff links and wonder what could I do with them. I knew my husband wouldn't wear them, but they were just so special.
Finally, two years later it clicked that I should make earrings out of them! I surprised my sister-in-law with them on Mothers Day and she was so touched. Creating memories through jewelry is something I'm passionate about and just one of the reasons I founded Creative Jewelry by Marcia.
Here's my story...
When I turned 60, I decided I didn't want to be that 80 year old woman wondering what I could've done with my jewelry business. It was at that time I saw a fatefully placed Facebook ad encouraging me to take the next step... and I did. In January of 2018 my journey began and things got serious. In a little over a year I re-branded my business and created a website with three new collections. I wanted to do something to give back to my community. Since 2018, I donate 10% of every jewelry sale to a local organization, New Horizons. They help survivors of domestic violence put their lives back together. 
That fall I decided to go back to school to take metal smith classes at the university. It was a bit scary going back to school at 60, knowing I'd be the older student in class. I learned how to do the things I had only dreamed about doing... Soldering, using a jeweler's saw and so much more! This has opened up a whole new world to me. I'll no longer be the 80 year old women wondering what if. Instead I'll be that 80 year old women taking classes at the university fulfilling my passion for creativity. What's your dream for the next 20 years?
My inspiration comes from the materials I work with and my surroundings.  I don't follow trends. I create unique and asymmetrical designs to fit your individual style. You deserve jewelry that's as beautiful and unique as you. Each design is different, therefore you can choose the one that speaks to you. 
What My Happy Customers Are Saying About Me
 I am a repeat customer of Creative Jewelry by Marcia.  Let me tell you why; it is a combination of wonderful quality and great style.  I find myself reaching for her pieces in my jewelry box over all the other pieces of jewelry I own.  Another reason to I love Marcia’s jewelry, I always get such lovely compliments when I wear her jewelry.  Marcia’s jewelry has become my go to gift for my dearest friends. It makes them feel so special to receive a piece of her jewelry. 
Joni Martin - Mineral Point, WI
I have purchased many of Marcia’s pieces and enjoy them all.  Some have been for gifts (which have been well received) and others for myself.  Whenever I go to an Art Fair that Marcia is at, I am sure to come home with an addition to my “Marcia Collection.”  The jewelry is unique, attractive, well made and comfortable to wear.  Besides her jewelry, Marcia is a wonderful person and stands behind her collection.  She makes any necessary adjustments, or repairs to items I have harmed.  I strongly recommend trying her jewelry; you won’t be disappointed.
Kay Stewart - Onalaska, WI
I'm always adding unique and new jewelry to my website. Each year I add two new collections. Throughout the year I do live events. If you can't make it to my live events, check out my jewelry at
My mission is for you to love the jewelry you buy from me while providing the utmost in customer service. Designing and creating jewelry allows me to fulfill my passion and to give back to my local community.
Thanks to all my wonderful customers I continue to thrive in my business. Without you, I couldn't do this. When you join the Exclusive Jewelry Club at, you'll receive a jewelry guide. If you've ever struggled with what length necklace to get or not sure if the bracelets will fit you'll love my guide. This guide will help you get the best fit for your jewelry that you buy from me. After you join, you'll receive a pair of silver earrings as my gift to you with your first on-line purchase, free shipping during the month, and be the first to see my new collections.
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