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Remember growing up when your parents told you what you could and couldn't wear? Or worse yet, they may have brought clothes home from your cousins that you would despise and you had to wear them.  That is no longer the case, now you can wear what you love, with jewelry from Creative Jewelry by Marcia. 

I am Marcia Newquist, designer and owner of Creative Jewelry by Marcia. I enjoy designing and creating pieces that are unique, just for you. You can be confident that my jewelry is well made and long lasting. My husband is always telling me that I am a bull in a china shop, which is kind of true. I have yet to break one of the pieces that I wear on a regular basis.

This great adventure started by accident in 2006 when I was laid up for ten weeks.  I had to find something to keep me busy, so I started to dabble in making jewelry.  Little did I know my passion for designing jewelry would continue to grow and soon become an integral part of my life.  Since this time, it brings me even more joy to see the happiness that my jewelry brings to you, whether it is a gift for a friend or a piece for yourself.

My inspiration and designs come from the materials I work with. I enjoy creating pendants and focal pieces by cutting and forming metal or clay, as well as repurposing vintage pieces. Using these materials, I work to create classic and unique jewelry that will stand the test of time. Throughout my work, you will see a multitude of different designs, textures, and colors to suit all occasions.  Each piece of jewelry can help to make your outfit pop and feel complete. You will now stand out in the crowd when wearing pieces from Creative Jewelry by MarciaFollow me on my creative journey to see my unique style of jewelry that can't be found elsewhere.



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