Behind the Scene - Fall Leaf Collection

October 20, 2020

Working on Handcut Copper Leaf Necklace for Fall Leaf Collection at
I'm gluing the leaf template onto the copper sheet for the fall leaf collection at

Do you ever wonder what it takes to make a piece of handcrafted jewelry?

That's why I'm showing you behind the scene as to how I created the hand cut leaf necklaces for my Fall Leaf Collection at Creative Jewelry by Marcia.


Fall Leaf Shapes for my Fall Leaf Collection at
When I was on one of my many walks, I collected different leaf shapes for the fall leaf collection. I decided to create five different leaf shapes for the hand cut leaf necklace designs. The hand cut leaf necklaces come in brass and copper. The first thing I did was draw up all the leaf templates.
I am gluing the fall leaf template onto the copper. This leaf necklace is part of my Fall Leaf Collection at
After I cut out the leaf template the next step was to glue the leaf shape onto the sheet of copper metal. I used Elmer's rubber cement to glue on the maple leaf template. This technique works great because the template doesn't slide when cutting and Elmer's cement glue doesn't leave a residue on the metal.
I cut the copper leaf with a cutting sheer. This is part of my fall leaf collection at
I cut the maple leaf shape using a cutting sheer made to cut metal after the glue dried.
I used a chisel and hammer to make the leaf marks. This Fall Leaf Collection is available at
I used a chisel and hammer to make the indentations for the lines on the copper leaf.
To smooth all the edges of the copper leaf I used a variety of files and sandpaper to smooth the edges. This is my fall leaf collection at
Sanding is a very important step so there aren't any rough edges. This sometimes takes longer than I want but is a necessary evil.
I used solid copper chain to finish off the necklace after forming the bail. The bail is what the chain slips through.
 I formed the bail using a round needle nose pliers. The bail is the portion of the pendant where the chain slides through. I used a copper chain and lobster clasp for the leaf pendant copper necklace.
Marcia showing you the finished fall leaf copper necklace. This is part of the fall leaf collection at
Now that you've seen how I created the hand cut leaf necklace designs, it's time for you to shop the entire Fall Leaf Collection at Creative Jewelry by Marcia. There are over 10 different leaf necklaces and 15 earrings to choose from.
Button - Shop Fall Leaf Collection at

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