All About Freshwater Pearls

July 06, 2020

Strands of Freshwater Pearls in my hand. I used them to make my Freshwater Pearl Jewelry Collection with consists of a variety of Freshwater Pearl Necklaces, Pearl Bracelets and Freshwater Pearl Earrings.

Marcia Newquist wearing a mustard color shire with flowers. She is wearing one of her freshwater pearl necklaces, pearl drop earrings and freshwater pearl bracelet from her Freshwater Pearls Collection at

What are freshwater Pearls? Cultured freshwater pearls are pearls that are created using oysters and are farmed.  They are almost exclusively produced in China. United states and Japan produce them, but on a limited scale.

What is the difference between a natural pearl and a cultured pearl? A natural pearl grows without any help from a human. Cultured pearls share the same properties as natural pearls. The only difference is, the oyster is irritated to produce the layers of nacre by inserting a shell bead nucleus inside the oyster. What is nacre, you may ask? It is the inner iridescent layer of molluscan shells, that is made up of alternating layers of organic materials film and aragonite platelet.

The process of growing freshwater pearls can take months to a couple of years. The longer they develop in the oyster the better chance they have of having fewer flaws. Freshwater pearls are usually grown in man-made reservoirs, lakes, and ponds. Many pearls are often grown in one oyster. Freshwater pearls are the most commonly produced pearls. They are one of the most popular pearl types among the industry. This is due to the wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors. 

Freshwater Pearl Necklace with a Pearl Pendant and Pearl Drop Earrings. These are from the Freshwater Pearls Collection at

The circular shape of some pearls led many cultures to associate this gemstone  with the moon. In ancient Chinese civilizations, they believed they would be protected from dragons and fire if they wore pearls. In Europe, pearls symbolized purity, modesty, and chastity.

Pearls are treasures from the Earth’s lakes, ponds, lakes, oceans,and seas. They have always embodied the power, mystery, and life-sustaining nature of water.

One of the most-loved gemstones of all time are pearls. Both the natural and cultured pearls occur in many colors. The most common colors are white and cream. Silver, black and gray are also pretty common. The range of pearl colors extends to every hue. The main color is often modified by additional colors called overtones, which are usually pink, purple, green, or blue.

The freshwater pearls can be used in a variety of ways when making pearl jewelry. I used them to make a limited collection of different styles of pearl necklaces, pearl earrings and pearl bracelets.


 Button - Click this button to shop the limited Freshwater Pearl Jewelry Collection at This collection has a variety of real pearl earrings, freshwater pearl necklaces and pearl bracelets.

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