How to Find My Bracelet Size

March 31, 2020

Double Stainless Steel Chain silver bracelet with round steel beads. It clasps with a silver pewter lobster clasp.


Gold Bracelet Chain Bracelet Toggle Clasp Bracelet Gold Chain Bracelet

Do you not buy bracelets on-line because you aren't sure if they will fit? I can help you with that problem. I will adjust any of my unique bracelets at to fit your wrist. All you have to do when purchasing at is type in the "ORDER NOTES" My wrist size is: (your size). Keep reading and I'll share with you how to measure your wrist. This technique will work whether it's one for of my stainless steel chain silver bracelets or bracelet with stones. The length of a bracelet may vary for the same wrist size depending on what it is made of.

Turquoise Bracelet with Copper Chain and Toggle clasp. There are also jade and calcite stones in the bracelet.

It's important to follow the directions so you get the right wrist size.

1) Use a cloth measuring tape, a string, or a strip of paper to measure the exact size of your wrist. Measure right below your wrist bone, where you would normally wear your bracelet.

2) When measuring your wrist, cloth measuring tape, string, or paper should fit around your wrist and not be lose. When I make the bracelet, I will make it so it fits nicely on your wrist and not snug.

3) If you're using a string or strip of paper, mark it with a marker or pen. Use a ruler to measure the exact length. This is your wrist size.

Stainless steel chain and black onyx bracelet with silver pewter beads. It closes with a pewter toggle clasp.Now you can shop at for unique bracelets and not have to worry whether or not the bracelet will fit. You just need to remember to give me your wrist size. I will make the bracelet according to the size you give me. 

When you purchase a bracelet from me, you can order it to fit your wrist. Type in the ORDER NOTES: wrist size: (your wrist size). Please measure your wrist according to the directions in this blog.

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