The Sparkle In Her Eyes Makes You Smile

May 06, 2019

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Are you fortunate enough to still have your Mother or that Mother type figure in your life? If so, when you go to visit her, does she have that sparkle in her eyes because she's so happy to see you?

My Mom will have been gone nine years the end of June. She was in assisted living and then the nursing home the last four months of her life. In May of that year, she had some mini strokes and didn't always recognize us when we went to see her. One day when I was helping her eat lunch, she got that sparkle in her eyes. Whenever I think of that moment, I smile because for that moment she knew who I was.

My Mom had the biggest sparkle in her eyes when she knew all five of us girls and our families were coming home for the weekend. My Dad passed away in 1999, so she always loved having company. The more commotion, the better and there was always room for one more at the table.

I created my Swarovski Crystal Necklaces and Swarovski Crystal Earrings for my Swarovski Crystal Collection in honor of my Mom. The sparkle of  the Swarovski crystals I use to make the Swarovski Crystal Jewelry reminds me of the sparkle in her eyes whenever we went to visit. If your Mother or Mother type figure isn't with you, this is a great Mothers Day gift to yourself to remember the sparkle in your mother's eyes whenever she saw you. 

Three out of my four sisters and spouses were able to visit my Mom with my husband and myself on her last Mother's Day. We created a book for her of the memories of our time spent with her and my Dad. There was a page with a photo of each person and their memories. My Mom's eyes just sparkled when she saw the book. I only wish we would have done it sooner. Remember to take the time to do the things with your Mom now instead of waiting. We never know how long we have with our loved ones.

Check out my Swarovski Crystal Jewelry for your Mother's Day gifts. Celebrate yourself by purchasing some sparkle for you. We all deserve to feel special at times.


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