What Is The Right Necklace Length?

May 12, 2020

Marcia Newquist with Silver Chain Necklace Silver Bracelet Long Silver Earrings
When you wear necklaces, you want them to accentuate your best features.
Other than being an important accessory, necklaces help to frame your face. This chart and descriptions will help you to determine which shape your face is. 

What Face Shape Do I Have?

What Face Shape do i have what is my face shape oval face shape diamond face shape oblong face shape heart face shape

  • Heart face shape -  necklace that will land about on your collar bone
  • Oblong face shape - a shorter necklace
  • Oval face shape - can wear any length necklace
  • Triangle - a shorter necklace
  • Square face shape - a little longer, such as a 20" necklace
  • Round face shape - a longer necklace, avoid real short necklaces

Necklace Length Description

Turquoise necklace copper necklace fresh water pearl necklace stainless steel necklace swarovski necklace

    • 16" length - Falls perfectly around the base of the neck like a collar. On a petite woman, it will hang loosely around the neck and fall just at the collarbone. It might fit more like a choker on a bigger bone woman.
      • You can wear this with almost everything except a turtleneck.
    • 18" length - Sits nicely on the collarbone. 
      • This is very versatile and works well with all styles including business attire.
    • 20" length - Will fall just below the collarbone.
        •  You can wear this for business attire, formal wear, or giving some pop to a casual outfit.
      • 22-24" length - Depending on your height, it will fall between the collarbone and the breast.
        • Works best with clothing that does not bare your cleavage as they will compete for attention. 
      • 24-28" length - Will fall at or below the breast depending on the length.
        • You can wear them with almost any outfit.


      Remember, this is just a guideline. It is important that you wear the necklace length that you like and makes you feel as beautiful as you are.

      teal colored necklaces toggle necklace unique long necklaces

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