Why Buy Rhyolite Jewelry

February 21, 2020 1 Comment

I was drawn to the rhyolite stones because of the way the colors swirl together like a palette full of different colors of paint. The rhyolite stone has the unique swirls and patterns because it is a combination stone. This stone is made up of quartz, sanidine and plagioclase, with minor amounts of biotite and hornblende.

If your drawn to the rhyolite stone, if it could talk it may tell you to be nicer to yourself. Does this resonate with you? I know it does for me sometimes. This multi-colored stone will create a heartwarming feeling that creates hope, joy. and happiness. Put on your rhyolite jewelry, your favorite outfit, and head out for the day. Listen to Don't Worry, Be Happy by Bobby McFarri on your way.

We all have that little light inside of us, and I'm not talking about the satisfaction of getting to binge watch your favorite netflick series. What is it that gets you out of bed in the morning? Mine is my passion for my jewelry business. It also allows me to be be creative and give back. Giving back makes me feel as good as being creative. The message behind the meaning of the rhyolite stone is to go after your dreams and reach for your full potential with all your energy.

Rhyolite Jewelry Rhyolite Necklace, Rhyolite Earrings, Rhyolite Necklaces, Rhyolite BraceletsMy Rhyolite Jewelry is made with the natural rhyolite stones that consist of the golden yellow, burnt orange, greens and white colors. Every stone is unique because of the way the colors flow on the stones. I've created two different types of rhyolite necklaces and and rhyolite earrings for the month of February. If your new to creativejewelrybymarcia.com, I create new jewelry each month that is only available for that month.

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