How To Store Your Jewelry

February 01, 2019 1 Comment

Do you know how to store your jewelry at home? There are many ways to properly store your high quality jewelry and there are many ways you shouldn't be storing your jewelry. Today I'm sharing with you how to store jewelry the right way.


The worst way for jewelry storage is hanging it on a hanging jewelry organizer on the bathroom wall. Someone asked me, "Can you store your jewelry in a bathroom?" You should never store your jewelry in the bathroom. Chlorine and water can cause the metals to tarnish, corrode, and damage the stones. When jewelry is left out in the open air along with the moisture, it causes your jewelry to tarnish faster. I was mortified when I was at my sister's house and saw her jewelry on a hanging jewelry organizer on her bathroom wall. Okay, I may overreact, but I know what the long-term damage can be.


The second worst way for jewelry storage is leaving it out in the open, jewelry stand, jewelry tree, hanging jewelry organizer on the wall, or on your dresser. When your jewelry is all tossed together on the dresser, it is likely pieces can get scratched and/or damaged. Also, the overexposure to oxygen will cause certain pieces to tarnish faster.  

The third worst way for jewelry storage is where the sun can shine on it. The sun can fade certain stones and beads. When I had my jewelry at a store, she had one of my pieces in the storefront window. It just so happened, it was red coral and faded. That was a hard lesson to learn about certain pieces and sunlight. You also want to keep your jewelry away from heating vents and other heating sources. Yes, I know I talked about moisture, but you also don't want too much heat on your jewelry to completely dry it out.

There are many options for jewelry storage and you can find many jewelry storage ideas on the internet. It depends on how much you want to spend for jewelry storage and what you have for space. Here are just a few of the commercial ways; jewelry cabinet, jewelry safe, standing jewelry box, jewelry case, jewelry armoire or an antique jewelry box.


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I prefer to use plastic containers that have different sections. I have one for my earrings, one for my rings, and one for my bracelets and necklaces so they can lay out flat. They are all in a bigger box in my closet so I know exactly where to find them. Also, they are away from the humidity, sunlight and heat registers.

You can even make it simple by keeping each piece in a small plastic bag. Then you can keep all the bags in shoe boxes if you don't want to spend the money on a jewelry amoire or jewelry case. For your chain necklaces you can use a business card or cut an index card to the size of your bag. Then cut a slit close to the corner on each side of the top of the card. After you clasp the necklace together you can slip each side of the chain into the slit and slip the card into the plastic ziplock bag. This will prevent the chain from getting all tangled.

When I ship jewelry to you, it always comes in a plastic sealed bag within a box. That way it is all ready to be stored. I also put each of my pieces in a plastic bag for you when you purchase from me at an art fair. When you use an air tight container such as a sealed plastic bag to store your pieces that will keep them shiny and clean.  If you need some anti-tarnish paper for a piece of jewelry just ask me for a few.

No matter what you choose for jewelry storage, it's important to keep your strung/knotted bracelets and necklaces laid out flat in an enclosed container. When you hang them, it wears on the material and may stretch the material that is used to string the jewelry. By laying the strung jewelry out flat, you will have your jewelry a lot longer. If you want to use a plastic bag, make sure it is big enough so that the strung necklace or bracelet can lay out flat.

If you want to keep your jewelry looking like new, you want to control the humidity and moisture. Next time you purchase vitamins, a new pair of shoes or boots, keep the silica gel packets and put them in with your jewelry. This will help to absorb moisture if you are storing your jewelry in a jewelry type case or box and not in sealed plastic bags.

Opal and pearl jewelry are a different story because they draw moisture from the air. Therefore, you don't want to store them in an airtight place. Make sure the container is not too dry or airtight or they can get damaged. You would be best to store opal and pearl jewelry in a box or inside your jewelry case. 

Now that you know how to store your jewelry, you can shop for new jewelry.

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Mary Ann M Ekern
Mary Ann M Ekern

February 02, 2019

Thanks for the info Marcia. I have been hanging lots of my necklaces on pegs in my bedroom. I guess I will be putting them back in the jewelery
chest I made a few years ago. I liked the hanging out so I could easily grab them and put them on. Val liked the necklace I gave her for Christmas.

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